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DevOps Services

Our DevOps services help enterprises renovate their landscape so they can become agile and change faster as per present market trends.

We accelerate the value stream by implementing DevOps for all technologies including legacy, packages, cloud and implementing DevSecOps.

Our DevOps services deliver benefits like improved time-to-market and quality as well as reduced effort and cost.

RICEFW achieves complete change that transforms people, processes and technology. The offering includes comprehensive services right from advisory and consulting to transformation:

DevOps advisory services

  • DevOps transformation Roadmap
  • DevOps scaling models
  • DevOps tools advisory
  • DevOps enablement

DevOps transformation services

  • DevOps Onboarding
  • DevOps for digital transformation
  • DevOps for legacy, package and cloud
  • DevOps people and process transformation
  • DevOps as a service/platform setup
  • DataOps and DevSecOps 

Our DevOps services reduce lead time to market, improves quality and saves budget

With our DevOps services, enterprises can:

  • Achieve 100% automation to improve reliability, repeatability, quality, security, and turnaround time
  • Scale DevOps at enterprise level across distributed technologies, legacy, packages, on-premises, cloud, and more
  • Implement DevOps holistically across people, process and technology
  • Rapidly onboard teams to DevOps projects using our EZ Onboard product.
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