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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We at RICEFW Technologies place a high value on diversity in our culture and how we do business. RICEFW Technologies is committed to helping businesses power their recruiting engines to recruit, hire, and retain talent. We are committed to diversity and inclusion as a company with a great pool of Talented professionals.

Differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style, and background enrich our work environment and our results for our clients. As a result, we are able to better understand the health needs of people all over the world. Our success depends on attracting, developing and retaining a diverse group of employees and contractors. In addition, we believe success depends on establishing strong relationships with partners, professional organizations, and suppliers from a variety of backgrounds.”

Diversity and inclusion (or ‘D&I’) are important to us as an organization and we understand that visibility alone does not mean diversity and inclusion. Our view is that a meaningful commitment to diversity and inclusion requires a simultaneous and dual focus on individual and organizational behavior.

Our workplace diversity statement emphasizes openness to alternative approaches, revisions to work processes, and flexibility in scheduling as hallmarks of a diverse and inclusive organization.

It is imperative for leaders to demonstrate diversity and inclusion competencies as they lead and manage an engaged workforce. Others must listen to their colleagues’ perspectives, opinions, thoughts and ideas and embrace a culture of inclusion in their workplaces.


  • Diversity – Ensure that women and minorities are represented at all levels of the organization, and that people with disabilities and veterans are included by implementing talent acquisition and management practices that accomplish results.
  • Inclusion – Develop an inclusive workplace by fostering creativity and innovation, encouraging colleague engagement, promoting Work Life Flexibility, and supporting the uniqueness and needs of employees and contractors.
  • Communications – Make sure all stakeholders are aware of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, actions, and results
  • External Relations – Work with diverse external stakeholders, including our diversity suppliers, to support and serve RICEFW Technologies’ values and interests
  • Accountability – Hold leadership and management responsible for the goals and objectives of Diversity & Inclusion.
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